スパイ スとは、掛け合わすほどに表情を変える正解のないパズルゲーム。

An anonymous spice lovers

Spice is like a puzzle, combination makes different aspects, but there is no correct answer. It makes me concerned but as long as I don't throw it out, I can play forever. I will propose recommended combinations and cooking methods, but you can use our spice freely. If I make one rule, you have to enjoy it from the beginning to the end. Enjoy the spice with infinite possibilities for all ingredients and dishes on the table.


アウトドアスパイス チョコ
アウトドアスパイス 豚肉
アウトドアスパイス 牛肉
アウトドアスパイス アボカド
アウトドアスパイス ストロベリージャム
アウトドアスパイス BBQ


"意外性のある組み合わせを楽しめるのもスパイスの魅力の一つ。 ネパール原産の山椒「ティムントペッパー」を中心に配合した七味山椒に、アウトドア料理にぴったりなピリ辛ミックススパイス「アウトドアスパイス」。肉料理はもちろん、ジャムやチョコレートなど意外性のある食品に合わせていただいてもお楽しみいただけるスパイスです。お酒に直接入れて飲むスパイスカクテルもおすすめ。

Those spices, you can enjoy not only with meat dishes but also with unexpected ingredients.

One of the interesting uses of spices is that you can enjoy unexpected combinations. Shichimi Sansho (Japanese 7 kinds mixed papers), which this time is mixed with "Timund Pepper" from Nepal. Another spice is an "Outdoor Spice", that is perfect for outdoor cooking. It is a spice that you can enjoy with any meat dishes even for deer, but also with fruit jams or chocolates. We also recommend spice cocktails that you put directly in sake.




アウトドアシーンでも手軽に絶品スパイス料理をお楽しみいただけるスパイス。焼き上がったお肉はもちろん、お肉の下味にお使いいただいても美味しくいただけます。 意外な組み合わせはストロベリージャム。ワインや日本酒などキレの良いお酒に合うおつまみに大変身します。 おすすめのお料理・食材: ローストポークをはじめとした各種肉料理、ストロベリージャム、ソース焼きそば、唐揚げなど

Spice for outdoor cooking

A mixed spice that allows you to easily enjoy outdoor cooking in the outdoor scene. You can enjoy it not only with any kind of cooked meat, but also as the seasoning of the meat dishes. The surprising combination is with strawberry jam. It transforms to a side dish that goes well with sharp tasting alcohols such as wine and sake. Recommended dishes / ingredients: Various meat dishes including roast pork, strawberry jam, fried noodles’s sauce, fried chicken, etc.